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Current Issue:      Volume 7, Mar Issue 2 (2021)

Effectiveness of Myo-inositol and Combined Oral Contraceptives in Adolescent and Young Women with PCOS
Sujata Deo, Khushbu Pandey, Pratibha Kumari*, Narendra Deo, S.P. Jaiswar, Md Kaleem Ahmad, Monica Agarwal
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Cord Blood Direct Antiglobulin Test (DAT) Positivity in RhD Incompatible Neonates-A Two Years Study
S. S. S. Quadri, Srilatha Bollipogu*, S. Srujana, Naval Kishore
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Study the Direction of Load on Bending Strength of Eucalyptus sp
Ezhumalai Rajamanickam*, Karthik Ramesh Surapura, Sharma Sukh Dev
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Changing Trend of Dermatophyte Infections: A Five Year Study
Sunita Gajbhiye*, Nirmal Channe, Sunanda Shrikhande
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Tailoring of Modern Polymer Based Deliverables: From Drug Delivery, Theranostics and Biomedical-A Review
Roberto Jetsu, Dandyala Pavan Kalyan*, Hima Bindu Maroju
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