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Current Issue:      Volume 9, Mar Issue 2 (2023)

Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Programme on Knowledge Regarding Early Identification and Prevention of Thyroid Disorders among Women
Soumya G Hodlur*, Varesh G Chilapur, Deelip Somaninga Natekar
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Assessment of Knowledge Regarding Osteoporosis among Pre-Menopausal Women residing in Selected Rural Communities
Roopa Kattimani, Deelip S Natekar, Utalbasha N Dhandargi*
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Quality of Life and Coping Strategies among Parents of Children Admitted in Thalassemia Ward
Laxmibai Hadapad, Santosh B Sajjan*, Deelip S Natekar
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Review on Applicability of Bioinformatics in Current Research and Database Management
Ishani Morbia, Richa Dubey*, Shivangi Mathur
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