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Current Issue:      Volume 8, Nov Issue 6 (2022)

A Review on Medico legal and Ethical aspects of Orthopaedic Practice
Prakash Sigedar*, Purushottam Giri
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Recurrent Appendicular Abscess-An Interesting Case Report
Udipta Ray*, Dipayan Sen
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Anti-Biofilm Activity of Monolaurin on Staphylococcus aureus: An in-silico Study
D. Srinivas Rao, Rabiathul Shameerasm, KL Prathusha, Mahendra Kumar Verma, Rekha A, M. V. Raghavendra Rao*
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First Record of A serious Wilt Disease Induced by Fusarium sacchari and Root Borer on Sugarcane in Kenana Scheme, Sudan
Elnair Akasha Mohammed Akasha*, Elnaeem Mohamed Abdelrahim, Ahmed Hashim Ahmed
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Meta-Analysis of Music Therapy Effects on Alzheimer Disease
Yingzhen Su, Chaochao Chen, Hongyan Shuai, Jifang Shi, Xin Yu*
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