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1 SSR-IIJLS-1769-10-2015 Alpha amylase inhibitor, anti-oxidant potential and phytochemical analysis of flowers, leaves and barks of Avaram, Senna auriculata (L.) Roxb. for anti-diabetic activity Under Review
2 SSR-IIJLS-1771-10-2015 Studies on Growth and Yield of Small Type Bitter Gourd (Momordica charantia L. var. muricata) Under Review
3 SSR-IIJLS-1772-10-2015 Efficacy of Rifaximinversus Probiotics in the Patients of Diarrhea Predominant Irritable Bowel Syndrome Under Review
4 SSR-IIJLS-1773-10-2015 TerminalBranching of Internal Laryngeal Nerve–A Cadaveric Study Under Review
5 SSR-IIJLS-1774-10-2015 Evaluation of Sensory and Nutritionally Evaluated Mix Grain Flour with Moringa and Beetroot Fortified Products Under Review
6 SSR-IIJLS-1775-10-2015 Role of Low-Intensity Irrigation Systems in Solving the Problems of Agriculture in Azerbaijan Under Review
7 SSR-IIJLS-1776-10-2015 Efficiencyof Application of Integrated Measures to Combat Erosion with the Use ofIrrigation Systems in Azerbaijan Under Review
8 SSR-IIJLS-1777-10-2015 Scientific Rationale for the Use of Low-Intensity Sprinkling Systems in Mountain Irrigated Agriculture in Azerbaijan Under Review
9 SSR-IIJLS-1778-10-2015 Agchabadi District of the New Garadolag Village Administrative Area Earth Cover Study Under Review
10 SSR-IIJLS-1779-10-2015 On Evaluating the Effect of Soil Treatment and Fertilizer on the Cultivation of Grain Crops Under Review
11 SSR-IIJLS-1780-10-2015 Some Problems on Erozon Protection of Soils in Azerbaijan Under Review
12 SSR-IIJLS-1781-10-2015 Role of Low-Intensity Irrigation Systems in Solving the Problems of Agriculture in Azerbaijan Under Review
13 SSR-IIJLS-1782-10-2015 Effectiveness of the Application of Comprehensive Measures to Combat Erosion Using Irrigation in A Market Economy in Azerbaijan Under Review
14 SSR-IIJLS-1783-10-2015 Yield and Yield Attributes of Lowland Rice as Affected by Weed Control Methods in Sudan Savanna of Zone Kebbi State Nigeria Under Review
15 SSR-IIJLS-1785-10-2015 Biology of Button Mushroom (Agaricus) Under Review
16 SSR-IIJLS-1788-10-2015 Vitamin D Deficiency- An “Under-Diagnosed” Truth in a Surgical OPD Under Review
17 SSR-IIJLS-1789-10-2015 Hysteroscopy: A Must in Endometrium Evaluation Under Review
18 SSR-IIJLS-1791-10-2015 Ergonomic factors as a risk for Low Back Pain among nurses working in a tertiary care setting Under Review
19 SSR-IIJLS-1792-10-2015 Evaluation of Nutritional Quality and Adaptation of Several Native Plant Species of Kuwaitto the Farming System as Potential Livestock Feed Under Review
20 SSR-IIJLS-1793-10-2015 Assessment of Soil Fertility Status in the Jurisdiction of Karmaveer Shankarrao Kale Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana ltd., Kopargaon Dist. Ahmadnagar Under Review
21 SSR-IIJLS-1794-10-2015 Evaluate the Protective Effect of Leaves Extracts of Catharanthus roseus against Asthma on Experimental Animal Under Review
22 SSR-IIJLS-1795-10-2015 Spirulina: A Protective Food for Viral Infections: A Review Under Review
23 SSR-IIJLS-1796-10-2015 Tailoring of Modern Polymer based Deliverables: From Drug Delivery, Theranostics and Biomedical Under Review
24 SSR-IIJLS-1810-10-2015 Sudden Death in the Young Woman from Cerebral Venous Sinus Thrombosis–An Autopsy Case Report Under Review
25 SSR-IIJLS-1811-10-2015 The Impact of Sequencing Human Genome on the New-World Order Under Review
26 SSR-IIJLS-1813-10-2015 Invasive Procedures of the Chest Lesions: Are they must be Performed and Why Under Review
27 SSR-IIJLS-1814-10-2015 Impact of Reverse Transcriptase Real time PCR-Cycle Threshold Values on SARS- CoV-2 Positive Cancer Patients Undergoing Treatment Under Review
28 SSR-IIJLS-1815-10-2015 Effect of herbicide sweep power (Glufosinte Ammonium) on total protein content in Different Tissues of Freshwater Fish Labeo rohita Under Review
29 SSR-IIJLS-1816-10-2015 Eggplant (Solanum melongena L.) Plant Growth and Fruit Yield and Yield Attributes of Brinjal as effected by Organic Manures Under Review
30 SSR-IIJLS-1817-10-2015 D-Dimer-Ferritin-Lactate Dehydrogenase C-Reactive Protein-Prothrombin Time and Activated Partial Prothrombin Time are the Significant Indicators of Suspected Covid-19 Patients Under Review
31 SSR-IIJLS-1818-10-2015 Prevalence of Different Post Harvest Rots of Papaya in Sub Tropical Zone of Himachal Pradesh Under Review
32 SSR-IIJLS-1819-10-2015 Covid-19 Vaccine Awareness- A Survey Study Amongst Indian Population Under Review
33 SSR-IIJLS-1820-10-2015 A Comparative Study on Yield Performance of Finger Millet Varieties under Rainfed Conditions in South Eastern Ghat Zone of Odisha Under Review

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