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1 SSR-IIJLS-2101-10-2015 Impact of Electromagnetic Field on Bacteriological and Physicochemical Properties of Palm Oil Mill Effluent from Ikeji-Arakeji Under Review
2 SSR-IIJLS-2109-10-2015 Comparative Study between Direct Layering and Centrifugation Method for Embryo Yeild Under Review
3 SSR-IIJLS-2119-10-2015 Study of Resilience between Orphan and Non-Orphan Adolescents in Delhi-NCR Under Review
4 SSR-IIJLS-2123-10-2015 Correlation Between Psychological Distress and Quality of Life among Adolescent Girls with PCOD Under Review
5 SSR-IIJLS-2133-10-2015 A Randomized Cross Over Design on Checklist Based Teaching and Without Checklist Teaching for Essential Clinical Skills among GNM I Year Students at Sajjalashree Institute of Nursing Science, Bagalkot Under Review
6 SSR-IIJLS-2135-10-2015 Assessing the Impact of a Structured Teaching Program on Maternal Immunization Knowledge for Under-Five Children in Selected Areas of Bagalkot Under Review
7 SSR-IIJLS-2136-10-2015 Investigating the Cognitive Factors that Predict Cognitive Decline in Elderly Populations Under Review
8 SSR-IIJLS-2137-10-2015 A Correlation Study to Assess the Relationship between Diabetic Distress and Blood Glucose Level among Diabetic Patients Attending to Medical OPD of HSK Hospital and Research Centre Bagalkot Under Review
9 SSR-IIJLS-2138-10-2015 Limnology and Diversity of Fish and Aquatic Insect in Hatnur Dam in Maharashtra and Ukai Dam in Gujarat Under Review
10 SSR-IIJLS-2149-10-2015 A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Planned Teaching Programme on Knowledge Regarding Menstrual Blood Banking among Paramedical Students Studying in Selected Paramedical College of Bagalkot, Karnataka Under Review
11 SSR-IIJLS-2152-10-2015 Study to Assess the Effectiveness of the Educational Module on the Knowledge and Practice of Blood Pressure Control in Adult Hypertensive Patients Attending the Medical OPD of HSK Hospital & Research Center, Bagalkot Under Review
12 SSR-IIJLS-2155-10-2015 A Cross Sectional Study to Assess, Resilience and its Association with Predictive Factors among Nurses Working in Peripheral Health Care Centers Under Review
13 SSR-IIJLS-2188-10-2015 Climate Resilience and Mung Bean Breeding Techniques: A Review Under Review
14 SSR-IIJLS-2188-10-2015 Review of Modern Plant Breeding Techniques to Enhance Climate Resilience in Mung Bean [Vigna radiata (L.) R. Wilczek var. radiata] Under Review
15 SSR-IIJLS-2189-10-2015 Review of the Prevalence and Financial Burden of Various Forms of Wounds Under Review
16 SSR-IIJLS-2191-10-2015 Roles and Challenges of Hydroponics, Aeroponics, and Aquaponics in Improving Vegetable Production: A Review Under Review
17 SSR-IIJLS-2193-10-2015 Filiform Cyanophyta Flora from Junnar Tehsil (Pune district) of the Northern Western Ghats of Maharashtra (India) Under Review
18 SSR-IIJLS-2194-10-2015 Prevalence of Menorrhagia and its AssociationFactors Quality of Life of Adolescents: A cross Sectional Study Under Review
19 SSR-IIJLS-2195-10-2015 Study on Risk Assessment of Pressure Ulcers among Immobilized Client at selected Hospital, Bagalkot Under Review
20 SSR-IIJLS-2197-10-2015 Uranium in Groundwater in Parts of Jaipur: A Study of Groundwater Sources, Impact on the Environment and Human Health Under Review
21 SSR-IIJLS-2318-10-2015 A correlation study to assess the relationship between diabetic distress and blood glucose level among diabetic patients attending to medical OPD of HSK hospital and research centre Bagalkot Under Review
22 SSR-IIJLS-2321-10-2015 Examining Thyroid Dysfunction in Pregnancy with Implications for Anemia and Birth Timing Under Review
23 SSR-IIJLS-2327-10-2015 A Study to Assess the Knowledge among the Mothers of Under Five Children Regarding Vitamin a Deficiency in Selected Urban Area Bagalkot Under Review
24 SSR-IIJLS-2328-10-2015 Case of Wilson’s Disease with Fracture Femur–An Anaesthetic Challenge Under Review
25 SSR-IIJLS-2329-10-2015 High-Frequency Audiovestibular Dysfunction in Long-standing Diabetes Mellitus: Insights from a Cross-sectional Study Under Review
26 SSR-IIJLS-2334-10-2015 Stress and Health Status among Working Women Employed in Rural Areas of Kerala, Southern India Under Review
27 SSR-IIJLS-2341-10-2015 Study on Character Association and Deciphering the Direct and Indirect Effects through Path Coefficient Analysis in Cucumber Under Review

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