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International Journal of Life-Sciences Scientific Research is peer-reviewed open access scholarly journal. The open access policy of the journal ensures good visibility of the online content of the journal. The journal with high circulation and visibility, thus offer excellent media for promotion of your products, services or conferences through advertisement. The journal has the potential to deliver the message to the targeted audience regularly with each issue. The cost of investment per view is substantially low for our print as well as electronic journals. Apart from the print advertisement; we also consider advertisement on web, bulk subscriptions, gift subscriptions or reprint purchases for distribution.
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Back cover (Color) Rs.50,000 $1,400
Back Inside cover (color) Rs.42,000 $1,070
First Page (Color) Rs.40,000 $1,150
Front Inside cover (color) Rs.40,000 $1,150
Full page B/W Rs.20,000 $580
Full page color Rs.30,000 $760
Gate Fold Cover Rs.80,000 $2,170
Art-Card (Back2Back) Rs.70,000 $1,840
International Journal of Life-Sciences Scientific Research
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